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- Estamos en plena reestructuración y relanzamiento - pronto estaremos diseñando y poblando los vínculos. uff!
- Seguimos organizando y preparando las batallas hasta la victoria del 23 de noviembre de 2008, que será aun mas importante que la del dos de diciembre de 2007.
- No se, las encuestas tienen muy poca respuesta... pierdo el interés... nueva encuesta... ¿o no?

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lunes, mayo 28, 2007


Even before shutting down RCTV (the oldest and most popular of the Venezuelan TV stations) the people were already in the streets fighting for their freedom. Soon after the signal of the popular network faded into the black, fights broke out all over the place.

Monday is a holiday in the US (Memorial Day, in which they honor the fallen heroes), and if you looked the streets of the main cities in Venezuela, you would have thought we also celebrate this most American of holidays. The streets were deserted, but not for long. By lunchtime, all the main universities were under siege, and the students were facing openly the authorities.

It would seem this was the drop that made the flood. It seems their worst mistake yet.

The worst mistake was thinking that the military would bite the bait during the Puente Llaguno Massacre (april 11, as some prefer to call it). Another mistake was to associate themselves with Fujimori and Saddam. Now comes the unveiling of the monstrosity that is the totalitarian regimen.

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