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martes, junio 05, 2007

Imagine this!

(For distribution among American college students and faculty.)

Fellow freedom lover

Only yesterday the Venezuelan international relations minister, bus driver by profession, said before the 37th General Assembly (Third Plenary) of the Organization of American States ( OAS ) that "the US representative's intervention is unnacceptable interventionism in the internal affairs of a sovereign democratic republic." (See also this.) He seemed very satisfied after he ranted, in the style and level typical of the Bolibananian leadership. His immediate goal was to muddle the discussion raised by what was a very strightforward request by Mrs. Rice, the US "representative" (Miss Secretary of State herself!): that the Secretary General of the OAS travel to Venezuela and made a report to the General Assembly about the CLOSING of RCTV (until a week ago, the biggest and certainly the most popular and anti-government TV network in Venezuela, privately owned).

The setting - the OAS - is very significant, because of all the regional forums, it is the only one on the planet which in its charter talks about an organization of representative democracies. So, depending on the resolve shown by the free, democratic nations of the Caribbean, North, Central and South America, and the Secretary General himself, the future use and system of internatioal relations based on OAS might collapse and fall into futility.

According to the rethoric of the Bolibananian leadership, almost all ailments, poverty, and suffering south of the Rio Grande is cased idrectly or indirectly by the US imperialistic ways.

Now, pause for an instant, and try to imagine this: By way of the natural succesion of historical events (i.e. the final collapse of OAS), or by a unilateral decision (i.e. US elects tough anti-immigration hawks and issolationist to the American congress) and SUSPENDS ALL AID to Latin America and the Caribbean. With the money saved, the US fortifies the Mexican-American border. It imposes tarrifs and trade barriers to imports from Latin America, including energy-related.

What woud happen? How many of this strongmen and so-called independent nations would survive?

Keep yourself involved or turn your cheek. Freedom is a human right, not a political right. Remember not to buy gas from CITGO (bad Venezuelan-owned company).

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