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- Estamos en plena reestructuración y relanzamiento - pronto estaremos diseñando y poblando los vínculos. uff!
- Seguimos organizando y preparando las batallas hasta la victoria del 23 de noviembre de 2008, que será aun mas importante que la del dos de diciembre de 2007.
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domingo, agosto 12, 2007

No nonsense

Still, beware

the peace and stability of the world are at stake
the prosperity of commerce is in peril
the new and the old are about to crash


imagine this
Adolf said his Reich would endure for a thousand years
it lasted just over a decade
while Augustus only lived once
but his empire lasted almost a century
and then it crumbled

¿remember how MIGHTY you felt when the BOMB exploded?
only one nation could then end a world war wit 2 bombs
Hirohima and Nagasaki silent witnesses
and this happened ONLY 60 something years ago!
now the world is MAD (mutual assured destruction)
almost as many warheads as big-headed politicians
would be my guess
or greedy generals
the cinic in me would add

beware, a storm is rising in the south
the inept
the mediocre
the corrupt
the criminal
has taken power and your dollars make him powerful too

he has conquered the minds of the mindless masses
and the wallets of the elitist politicians of the backyard
so very descriptive
so very arrogant
description of what happens "south of the border"
so self centered, secure and comfy feelings

it has allied with known "national threats"
including the Islamic Republic of Iran
North Korea, and possibly the best known, the Cuban tyranny

all the makings of a big blast

it has financed shady deals with your dollars
theirs, of course,
it's just ironic THEY make their shady deals in your currency

their idiology is AGAINST many things
democracy and freedom, in order of importance
first they shackled, and then they suppressed information
and left the shackles, of course
also ironic, it is only when my country is the bad apple
that we've been visited by so many celebrities

the first of them being a black Hollywood actor named Danny Glover
famous as an aging comic sidekick to mega-star Mel Gibson (1)
and, apparently, fervent anti-American
he's remained somewhat shy to talk
and debate the opposition to his support of the tyrant
but I would guess he was somewhat surprised to see so little negroes in the tyrant's entourage
and the nationality of those more near him...

whatever he knows which compromises America's security and national integrity
of course ms Golinger knows, and so does our last revolutionary celebrity
another actor named Sean Penn (2)
Maria Conchita Alonso cannot understand what brought him to do it
maybe the money, you know, it's so hard to find money to finance a movie about the exploits of some or other figure of the little history

although I believe in artistic integrity above all else
and that's why although Picasso was a communist
his GUERNIKA condemns atrocities everywhere

the storm is rising
the wind is already blowing hard
in my opinion, it is time to kick it up a notch
like they say in TV

Next, my letter to Ms Rice

(1) Lethal Weapon numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.
(2) Best remembered for portrayal of stoner surfer Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgmont High.

2 Derecho de Réplica:

Matt dijo...

"beware, a storm is rising in the south
the inept
the mediocre
the corrupt
the criminal
has taken power and your dollars make him powerful too" Pues, los de nosotros que sabemos algo de la situación venezolana ya tenemos alguna idea de lo qué pasará en los siguientes años. No te preocupes por Glover ni Penn. Siempre hacen estas cosas y nunca se valen la pena. Con respeto a los siguientes dos o tres años, dentro y fuera de mi país, serán muy difíciles. Saludos!

Bandera Negra dijo...

thanks for your continued support

you are truly Bandera Negra
we are 7 stars that shine within the dark pit of the Venezuelan nightmare

you also shine, ,y friend! and watch tonight's pogram with Dan Rather on electronic voting machines

won't dissapoint I hope