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viernes, agosto 05, 2005

Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts -an analysis

The real terrorist threat -the motive

While the West, with American and British leadership, is waging war against terrorism in far distant lands, in the heart of the New World a ominous storm is brewing with potential distrous consequences to the stability of the American continent, in particular, and the World at large. This storm has been named the Bolivarian Revolution and is headed by a madman named Hugo Chavez.

Since Hugo came to power manipulating the democratic process with a mixture of populism and oportunism, he has made no secret of his plans and alliances. He reached out to Cuba, bonding with Fidel Castro in order to project his image upon the world's radical groups. This relationship has evolved into a full-blown alliance whereas the Bolivarians provide oil and cash to the communist regime, and Fidel sends intelligence and security personel (disguised as doctors and teachers, which Venezuela does not need -a great amount of Venezuelan doctors and teachers are without jobs) to do his dirty deeds.

Hugo also addressed a well-publicized letter to Carlos the Jackal with the intention -again- of publicizing his revolutionary intentions to the Arab radicals. And to complete his bonding with thearab world's bad guys, he defied the isolation of Saddam Husein's Iraq, where he was greeted by the dictator, and, as can be seen from the photographs (here, here, here, here and here), driven by the dictator himself in his Mercedes Benz (a friend says that Saddam does not let just anybody board his Mercedes Benz, even less drive it himself). This, surely, made him a somewhat popular hero in the region.

Soon after 9-11 (event on which he maintained silence until the international pressure became unbearable, and then, grudgingly opposing terrorism, declared on TV that " (the) United States brought the attacks upon itself, for its arrogant imperialist foreign policy."), between october 6 and for the rest of the month, he travelled to Europe, visiting Switzerland, France and Italy. From there he flew to Algeria where after conferring with President Bouteflika, he made a last-minute change in his itinerary and visited Gadafy in Libya. After this sudden detour, he went back to Belgium. He then went to Vienna, where he conferred with Alí Rodríguez, a guerrilla leader in the sixties and today the Venezuelan foreign minister. Then to Portugal and Saudi Arabia. And here comes the juicy leg of the trip: Tehran and then Russia. Then London, Canada and México.

During the trip several incidents are to be noted. On tuesday, october 9th, 2001, the foreign minister then, José Vicente Rangel (another long time communist guerrilla), said that to him Bin Laden was not a terrorist, and that he didn't have proof that he had directed the attacks in New York (strangely, the foreign minister did not accompany Hugo in this all-important diplomatric trip). A day after, Carlos the Jackal anounced that the Bin Laden's fight was the same a his. And, in Beijing a Pakistani national was detained and then deported, for using a false identity with a legal Venezuelan passport issued in Maracaibo, Venezuela (the name used was Rodrigo Jose Zuleta Perez). He was coming from Bangkok, and his destination was either Amsterdam or Paris (he had both tickets). This guy could not speak a word in spanish, and was an arab. Finally, in Switzerland (or France, my memory in this matter fails me and I could not find the news report to confirm it), a journalist (french, swiss, or another european nationality) who was traveling in Hugo's plane was detained by the authorities because his papers were not in order. Later he rejoined Hugo's party (or did he?)

From now on, all is conjecture. Up to this time, Mr. Hugo Chavez was playing a dangerous geo-political game and his internal political situation was deemed reasonably controlled. This he had planned well in advance with his advisors, including the anti-semite Ceresole and Fidel Castro. Up to that time, he was already involved in the East German smugglig scheme between Cuba-Vladimiro Montesinos (Perú)- and the Colombian guerrilla, in which even a night drop by the Venezuelan military is reported, and had protected Montesinos from the Peruvian authorities, situation that reached a very critical juncture weeks before.

Surprise flight from Tehran to Moscow (unnanounced)

He had already visited two of the three countries from the axis of evil, and his ministers had also. This trip took him to the center of the conflict, days after the US started operations in Afghanistan. The plane he was travelling in was an old Boeing 737 with limited range. So, in his leg from Tehran to Moscow he must have stopped. Where, we don't know, but stopped he must've. This is the opportuninty (the motives we have already discussed).

Furthermore, according to the Venezuelan air force major Juan Diaz Castillo, the plane -which had to stop in its flight from Tehran to Moscow, had contacts with Taliban representatives and, in our opinion, took the one-and-only Usama Bin Laden aboard, where he was disguised as a Venezuelan (shave his beard, take out the turban, and make him shut his mouth for the duration) to a safe haven in Isla Margarita, off the coast of Venezuela, where he is hiding since.

Hugo arrived in Moscow before Vladimir Putin who, according to Hugo had some business in Afghanistan (what!) and then had a summit meeting with the Asia-Pacific countries and George W. Bush. However, Vladimir, his pal, deciden to hastely return to Moscow to be able to meet Hugo...

The US must have smelled a rat, since the White House called for consultation to Washington Donna Hrinak, its embassador to Venezuela due to some remarks or other. Soon, she was replaced by Mr. Shapiro.

The situation has become ever more difficult for Hugo and Fidel to conduct their dangerous game. But it has not deterred them. Apparently, Margarita Island has become a base of operation for Al Qaeda in South América and the Caribbean. According to some unconfirmed sources, they operate from a aloe-producing ranch in the central mountain range. The ranch is owned by a wealthy foreigner who also operates some kind of religious cult. The operation was set up by Rodríguez Chacín, then minister of the interior, Diosdado Cabello nowadays governor of Miranda State, and Tarek William Saab, of arab descent and know sympathizer of Hezbollah.

According to all government and military spokespeople, Usama Bin Laden is hidden in the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, it seems that such a popular, visible, and recognizable individual as Bin Laden has vanished in thin air. Maybe you guys are looking in the wrong place.

Dear American friends, we don't know if this analysis is accurate or not. It is largely based on conjectures and a great deal of imagination. It is so farfetched, that it might just be true. If it results in a tip leading to the capture of Usama Bin Laden, we intend to claim the reward being offered.


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